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ISO certified label supplier and quality assurance checks

National Custom Printing is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified label manufacturer. We are also a UL certified printer. We have quality procedural and checklists in place for every stage of your label project. Your quality and service satisfaction is guaranteed.

After we receive your order:

  • Our customer service team will review and enter your order. This includes pulling your label specification bag if it is a repeat order or preparing all the label specs and artwork for a new label.
  • We will send proofs for your approval within 1-2 business days.
  • After approval, our purchasing department will order the plates and tooling.
    Our QA and production team will review the entire work order, auditing orders to ensure correct materials, tools, and plates.
  • Once everything is in place, our press operator will set up the job and pull the samples from the press before conducting a massive run for QA approval.
  • Our QA team matches the first printed sample with the proof and other label specifications and checks the die-cutting accuracy.
  • Our press operator will place the approved sample and material ticket in the QC bag and run the entire order.
  • The printed master rolls will go to the rewinder department. Our rewinder team will be paired with an automated inspection unit to check each label while rewinding them onto the finished roll.
  • Our QA team will sign off the shipment information.

At National Custom Printing, we have a QC bag with approvals for each order. These will be filed with the printed label sample and material tickets.

We have a specification bag for each customized label and sticker. This includes label descriptions, colors, sizes, samples, artworks, and other elements. We issue a part number for each label and its revision so that there are no mistakes when you have multiple revisions for similar parts. You can refer to your part or our internal part number while you order the item.

National Custom Printing ensures that you receive the best-quality label products that provide you with the color, size, shape and other details that you need. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!

ISO 9001 Certification
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