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GHS Standard & BS5609 certified Chemical Labels & Drum Stickers

GHS Standard chemical labels

British Standard (BS)5690 certified Drum labels & maritime shipping labels

At National Custom Printing, we keep up to date on the latest chemical labeling requirements. So that your company will never fall behind on adhering to federal or international label standards. We offer a complete line of GHS Standard chemical labels and BS5609 certified drum stickers and marine decals for labeling your barrels, containers and drums.

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What is GHS?

GHS is also named globally harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals. It’s a global system for hazard classification and provides guidance of unified chemical hazard safety handle and storage instructions and color pictograms to avoid injuries and illness related to exposure to hazardous chemicals.

What is BS 5609?

BS5609 stands for “Marine Immersion Label Testing” standard. It outlines durability requirements for pressure-sensitive labels used to identify hazardous chemicals being transported by sea. The BS 5609 certification is a two-part certification for both the label material and printed information on the label. Both elements must be tested successfully, as evidenced by separate certification, for a label to achieve the BS 5609 certification.

Our drum labels and materials have passed the extreme testing to be GHS complained and BS5609 certified. Since the label has to attach and legible in all conditions including immersion in seawater, heat, cold, rain and snow, please see the variety of materials and features of our drum labels.

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