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Pressure Sensitive Self-Adhesive Labels

What is a pressure-sensitive label? And the label components.

Pressure-sensitive label (PS labels) is one of the most popular labeling methods in the board range of markets, from automotive, food, beverage, wine, craft beer, chemicals to cosmetic and beauty. It is also called a self-adhesive label or high-tech sticker. It’s a highly versatile and low-cost label solution. It is compatible with almost any cans, containers, bottles and packaging, and it only takes light pressure to apply or stick to the products. 

A well-made and visual appeal self-adhesive label is a great investment in your product. It communicates product information with your clients, make the first impression.

National Custom Printing has the capabilities of flexographic printing and digital printing technology, and over decades of pressure sensitive labeling experiences. We can help you with the material selections, color matching, label artworks to print your perfect label enhance your brand recognition and drive sales.

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The advantages with National Custom Printing for your adhesive label and stick needs:

  • High performance flexographic printing press prints colors with up to 10, and label width up to 13”. It’s a cost effective way to print large quantities.
  • Innovative digital printing method to achieve any color combination with vibrant clarity and quick turnaround. It’s perfect for short runs and variable label designs.
  • Double sides printed labels with low cost. If you need to print in front and backside, we have the solution for you.
  • Adhesive deadening to achieve pattern adhesive, which means the adhesive to be deadened on certain part of the label.
  • Textured inks to enhance your brand and eye-catching.
  • Custom die-cutting to acheive any sizes and shapes.
  • Matte, semi-gloss or gloss finish to protect prints and add visual effects.
  • Permanent, removable and high performance adhesive available for different applications and environments.
  • Wide range of facestocks to choose from, such as paper, film and foil. Especially, the clear film revealing more of the product inside. Open up a new world of possibilities.
  • Quick turnaround times, high quality and exception customer service
Our pressure-sensitive labels are made to drive sales and connect with your customers.

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