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Tamper evident labels and security stickers

Tamper evident labels prevent tampering and access. They are called security stickers when applied to electronic equipment, property, and assets. The destructible security seal may self-destruct when opened, or tamper proof labels may leave a “Void” or checkerboard pattern on the label material and subtracts. The warranty seals or tamper proof tags can’t be resealed or reused once the sticker is opened, providing a great means of controlling tampering and counterfeiting and protecting your brand and assets.

National Custom Printing can provide blank or custom-printed, tamper-evident labels.

We offer custom-printed, tamper-proof stickers and warranty void labels with a variety of features.

  • Tamper evident labels can’t be reused or resealed after removal.
  • Tamper-proof label is destructible, breaking in pieces when removed.
  • Warranty void labels will leave “VOID” or checkerboard pattern off adhesive and subtract sides.
  • Tamper-evident and tamper-proof labels provide an excellent bond to challenging applications and are durable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Custom-printed security labels or warranty stickers can be made with the desired colors, graphics, or text. Barcodes or sequential numbering are also available.
  • All personalized safety labels can be die cut to any sizes or shapes.
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Tamper proof label, warranty void label and security seal applications include:

  • High value and removable products, such as electronic equipment.
  • Property and assets

Our tamper-evident labeling materials include:

  • Polyester film with an underlying checkerboard or void pattern, pressure-sensitive adhesive with ultra-aggressive adhesion, and durable materials to adhere permanently on any surface such as stainless steel, acrylic, glass, and other smooth surfaces.
  • Laminates for enhanced durability, chemical and temperature resistance.
  • Thin vinyl destructible material that breaks into tiny pieces when removed.