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Automotive Labels

We make OEM part and automotive parts labels that are built to last!

Labels are a critical part of automotive part packaging. A pressure sensitive label on the engine, under hood, OEM product or other car component often provides important safety guidance, user instructions, and/or product traceability and identification.

However, labeling auto parts is not without its challenges, since labels must retain their durability and legibility for the lifetime of the vehicle. It is a fact that auto parts- and their labels- are often exposed to heat, cold, wet, or other harsh conditions, and they can be contaminated with chemical, oil and other liquids or solvents.

Not to worry, we have the best compliance labels and printing for vehicle and car parts.

National Custom Printing has extensive auto labeling knowledge and production experience. We have worked with the most challenging applications in the automotive industry, and are familiar with the physical and regulatory complexities of car labeling.

We can custom construct label materials based on your unique application. We engineer adhesive materials for an extensive variety of interior, exterior, safety, underhood and powertrain labeling application. Our transportation and vehicle labels help ensure compliance, increase inventory intelligence and help operations run more smoothly for automotive industry.

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Custom automotive, vehicle and car labeling Materials features:

  • BOPP, UL- listed vinyl and polyester featuring excellent tear strength, heat and chemical resistance.
  • Specialty high-performance, pressure sensitive adhesive featuring high resistance to chemicals, temperature, UV, aging, compliance with automotive specifications.
  • Thermal transfer printable materials available, paired with our resin enhanced and most resin-based ribbons, allow you to print your labels on demand.
  • L969, C-UL and CSA recognized, high-quality labeling materials to meet and exceed any and all of your specific industry regulations.
  • Protective laminates to prevent label damage, especially when your package or product contains petroleum distillate or other liquids.

We also offer personalized material construction to fit your application precisely. Regardless of the challenges of your applications might present, we’ve got a solution for you.

Popular automotive labels and packaging applications include:

  • Vehicle parts identification
  • Barcodes labels and tracking stickers for traceability
  • Asset tags and badges
  • Warning and safety instruction labels
  • Variable data labels
  • Tamper-evident safety labels
  • Destructible labels
  • Security and authentication labels
  • Petroleum distillate or other automotive liquids labels
  • Wrapped around labels build in with a closure for tamper-evident safety.
  • Trailer and tire pressure labels
  • CE, AHS, and ID information labeling.
  • Engine compartment labels
  • Suspension part stickers
  • Brake component labels
  • Air cylinder labels
  • Airbag hybrid gas generator labels
  • Under the hood instruction labels
You will see and feel the difference National Custom Printing can make for your business.

Interested in discussing more about your automotive label needs?

Why choose National Custom Printing for your automotive labeling solution? Because we provide you with:

  • High-quality labels which exceed automotive manufacturer and government standards.
  • Full production part approval process (PPAP) submissions available provide at all levels.
  • Access to a trustworthy UL recognized and authorized label supplier
  • Exceptional customer services with satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Flexographic printing and digital printing capabilities tailored to your needs.
  • Confidence of using an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer
  • Short 5-7 business days lead time, less on repeat orders.
  • Managed inventory service to provide your products flow on demand.