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Cosmetic and Personal Care Labels

Beauty, Personal Care, and Consumer Product Labels

Create Impactful SelF Appeal

With the increasing numbers of beauty, personal care and consumer products on the market, it’s harder than ever to get your product noticed on the shelf. Quality ingredients and positive results will keep customers coming back, but a well-made, eye-catching label invites customers to purchase your cosmetic or personal care product in the first place. Consumer product manufacturers and private label companies are aware of the impact of a versatile packaging label has in telling your story, increasing your brand awareness, and giving your products an edge over the competition. 

National Custom Printing has delivered thousands of labels for the biggest beauty and consumer brands in grocery and other retail stores. The popular markets we serve include: dental manufacturers (toothbrush and toothpaste labels), cosmetic and beauty private label producers, soap and body cleanser manufacturers (hand and body cleanser labels).

Ready to bring your beauty and personal care label design into life? National Custom Printing can make a one-of-a-kind label to enhance your design, providing you with a distinct, elegant brand to make your product stand out.

With our extensive printing capabilities and wide selection of materials, we can custom print your label to help your firm communicate the unique qualities and benefits of your beauty or personal care product.

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Our popular beauty and personal care labels include:

  • Clear film labels that provide a no-label look, building authenticity and trust with customers who can view your product through the label.
  • Pressure-sensitive, full color and spot color printing to achieve any color combination. We guarantee the color match and consistency.
  • Tactile labels to add a textured feel and create a natural look.
  • Embossed and foil stamped labels to create a premium and eye-catching shiny effect for your package.
  • Custom-printed shrink wrapped film labels to promote your bundled products.

Just as importance as appears is durability. Your personal care label must be able to last through the rigors of a variety of environments. Depending on your application and storage conditions, National Custom Printing can select the right material for you.  Waterproof, oil and humidity-resistance are a necessity for beauty and personal care labels. Laminates and varnish are available for additional protection, especially for use in a bath and shower environment.

Beauty, health and personal care material features include:

  • Waterproof and chemical resistant labeling materials for bath and shower products.
  • Protective coating to avoid label smudging or scuffing.
  • Strong label adhesive to resist edging and bubbling.
  • Labeling materials that are to easy to apply but but tough to remove.
National Custom Printing is dedicated to printing high-quality, personalized beauty, personal care and consumer labels at competitive prices

Our printing capabilities include:

  • Digital printing for rich, full-color, and/or image-printed labels as well as multi-SKU labels.
  • Flexographic printing for a cost-effective solution to large run labels.
  • Custom die-cut labels made to fit any shape and any size for your container, bottle or other package.
  • Pre-press capabilities that allow you to see the label before the production run.

National Custom Printing has the labeling solution for a wide variety of products, including makeup, skincare, cosmetic’, shampoo, body wash, soap, toothbrush, mouthwash, toothpaste dental, oral care, bath, or other beauty and cleansing products. We can provide you with the right design to fit a small to large printing run.