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Custom Printed Food & Source Labels

The importance of food packaging labels and stickers

Food labels communicate important nutrition and ingredient information about your food products to consumers, as an essential element of your advertising and marketing campaigns. An appealing food product label can enhance your brand awareness and boost your sales.

National Custom Printing has provided custom food packaging labeling solutions since 2001. With our extensive labeling experience and printing knowledge, we know how to print beautiful and eye-catching labels to help you attract more customers.

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National Custom Printing offers custom printed labels for a variety of food products.

Frozen food labels

The challenge of labeling frozen food is that the label must stay strong and stick well under certain temperatures, and often the sticker must also withstand moisture from storage in refrigerators and freezers.

National Custom Printing offers cold temp permanent adhesive which provides strong adhesion under extremely cold temperatures, down to negative 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Our all-temp adhesive works well for frozen food packaging which is usually stored in freezers, cold bins and other cold conditions.

Consumer food labels

With National Custom Printing, it is easy to add visually appeal to your packaging, from sauce labels, seasoning labels, coffee bag labels, honey labels, and spice labels to food promotion and allergy warning labels. We offer a wide range of materials to build your custom labels to entice taste buds, emphasize your products’ unique characteristics and make hungry customers reach for your products.

Years of experience with food labeling solutions

We can help you create a label that not only makes an impact on the shelf but also preserves product quality. Give us a call at (865) 675-8490 or use the form below to see how we can make your food label and sticker designs come to life!

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National Custom Printing offers the following food labeling materials:

  • Semi-gloss material with lamination, a cost-effective choice.
  • Fluorescent material that demands attention, boosting consumer impulse purchases due to their immediate shelf impact. These materials are available in a wealth of bold, bright colors, and are commonly used as inventory and warning labels, as well as eye-catching advertising and promotional labels.
  • Clear labels for a “no-label” look, which is a great for making colorful or textured product contents stand out
  • BOPP (Polypropylene) material, a strong and durable labeling material which comes with permanent and removable adhesives.
  • Kraft paper, which has a rustic, natural look. As natural and organic products become more popular among consumers, labels can help emphasize the positive qualities of your product and brand.
  • Water-based inks, which are safe and eco-friendly.


Dissolvable labels for inventory and container date code labels

When labels are removed from food containers before being washed, there’s a good chance adhesive residue will be left on the container. Bacteria can grow on this residue. Our dissolvable label materials are virtually residue-free, disintegrating in seconds when immersed in water.

Reclosable food labels – Cost-effective, user-friendly resealing alternatives

We have film facestocks and reclosable adhesive that has been specifically designed to meet both wet and dry applications. These facestocks and adhesives provide increased operational efficiency as well as excellent reclosing functionality. Our BOPP films are direct and indirect food contact approved adhesives, even under microwave conditions. We offer various types of seal strength and peel feel, as well as strong moisture, solvent, fat and oil resistance.

Oily surface labels

Our oil surface labelstock adhesive absorbs oils, enabling labels to attach strongly to lubricated surfaces with no degreasing required! Oily surface labels adhere firmly to smooth or textured surfaces, and are perfect for your food product, food allergy warning, or any homemade food labeling needs.

Our printing capabilities:

  • We offer a flexographic printing process, which is a cost-effective way to print larger-quantity food labels. Our flexo press can print in up to 10 colors and widths up to 13”.
  • We offer a print-on-demand system for you to print your own labels in-house. We provide blank die-cut labels and ribbons with custom sizes so you can print your own label using any thermal transfer printers.
  • We offer digital printing for short printing runs with vivid label images.
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