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Flexographic Label Printing

A cost-effective way for large label order

Flexographic (flexo) label printing utilizes the plates to transfer ink onto a substrate. The plates contain your label images, texts, and other information. The pressure-sensitive labels finished with the customized die-cutting on a roll. Once a job set up on the press, it runs quicker than digital printing. Which makes flexo printed labels more cost-effective with the more labels you order.

National Custom Printing has decades of experience on flexo printing pressure-sensitive labels. Our performance flexo press prints up to 13-inch width for large label application, and print in up to 10 colors for any color combinations.

Our flexo printing versatility provides you with many options of materials and finishing. You can choose a variety of label materials, such as paper, film, Tyvek, and plastic vinyl. Finishing with UV or water-based varnish. And laminates for weatherproof or other outdoor conditions protections. You can customize your unique labels the way you like. Let our flexo printing bring your label design into life. 

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Outstanding Customer Service

  • When it comes to flexo printing, the skill of the press operators make all the differences. Most of our flexo label press operators stay with us for decades. They are well trained to achieve label color stability, die-cut and registration accuracy. The process requires great precision. We committed to deliver your high-quality labels right each time.
  • Don’t know which material or printing process the best fit for your label application? Don’t worry. National Custom Printing offers full customized labeling solutions. Our label experts will walk you through each step and provide guidance for the best solution. We are here to make sure that you get the personalized stickers as you desired and within your budget.
  • We provide free PDF label artworks proof or press-proof available upon request. We’ll make sure that you see what you will get.
  • We offer exceptional customer services. Have a tight timeline? Need changes to your labels? We are your “ make it happen” team strive to support and meet your needs.
  • We offer a competitive price. Over 35 years in the label industrial, we have streamlined our process, improved efficiency and reduced cost.
Flexographic printing offers great versatility, fast speed, and lower unit cost.

It’s a great option for the repeat and large label orders. With our flexo label printing capability, we can custom print any of your labels within your budget. Also, please check out our other printing capabilities.