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Thermal Transfer Printing

label print on demand

Thermal Transfer Printing uses heat to transfer wax, resin enhanced wax, or resin onto the printer surface, which results in crisp and durable prints.

National Custom Printing has an imprinting service center to print customized labels for you or to provide you with the printer, ribbon and label materials for you to print your own labels in-house based on your specific application.

Imprinted Military contract labels
The reemay fabric meets Military Mil Spec DDD-L-20F and MIL-DTL-32075.

We specialize in printing government contract reemay labels with our imprint station. We also offer a full thermal transfer imprinting solution for you to print your labels as needed.

  • National Custom Printing offers customized reemay fabric labels. With our imprinting process, we can print your government contact labels or serialized labels with varying NSN numbers, contract numbers, dates of manufacturer, lot numbers, 2D barcodes, all shipped in consecutive order.
  • National Custom Printing can provide a thermal transfer printer that is excellent for printing reemay fabric labels, and thermal transfer reemay roll stock that is slit down to the width that you specify. We also provide ribbon that has been tested and has passed the applicable military wash tests.

You will get your pre-printed labels ready to sew in and use right away when you choose for us to imprint them for you.

Or you will experience the flexibility to print your own labels at the time you desire with our full support system.

Either way, we have the right solution for you. Contact us today at 865-675-8490 or email us here about your label project.

Labels for all your products

We have the right materials, substrate, ink, printing processes, and labeling experts to help you.